HK Dragons FC

Terms & Conditions

Please take some time to read through our Term & Conditions.

Enrolment & Cancellations:

HK Dragons FC Ltd does not offer a pay per session service.

If you enrol with HK Dragons FC Ltd, you are enrolling for the Full Term and will need to pay the full term fee.

Payment should be made in full for the term on or before the first lesson.

If full payment for the current term is not received within 28 days a 5% admin fee of the outstanding balance will be charged. 

If a NEW child joins a term that has already started – the fees will be pro-rated for the remainder of term.

One TRIAL class will be given to new students ONLY. For each subsequent lesson term fees will apply.

If a child misses a session a current valid doctors note must be provided otherwise the lessons will not be credited.

If our Coaches have cancelled the class due to venue problems/conditions – we will NOT issue a credit for the cancelled lesson but will try provide a make up class if and when possible.

In the event of a government shutdown or health restictions leading to pitch closures. Make up classes will be provided. No credit or refund will be given.

No credit/refund will be provided for children withdrawing from a term after it commences.

No credit/refund will be given for players who withdraw once a session has begun.

For all overseas tournaments a non-refundable deposit will be payable to reserve a players space. If Hong Kong Dragons FC are unable to participate or the tournament is cancelled for any reason. A $500 HKD non-refundable deposit will apply.

Lesson Guide:

Children will meet at the venue mentioned in the program details.

Guardians will be required to pick up the students from the same designated spot.

HK Dragons coaches cannot be responsible for minding children before/after the lesson.

Lessons start and finish on time. Please arrive promptly (10 minutes before) and arrange immediate collection at the end of each lesson.

Full HK Dragons kit (shirt, shorts, socks, shin pads) must be worn to all sessions – Failure to bring full kit may result in exclusion from the lesson.
– Shin Pads are compulsory. If a child attends with no shin pads. They will NOT BE ALLOWED to participate in the lesson.

HK Dragons FC reserves the right to expel students from a lesson, a term, or the entire season for behaviour considered unacceptable to the coaches and/or fellow students (NO credit/refund will be offered for the remaining sessions).

Pollution & Wet Weather Policy:

Training will be cancelled if the HK Observatory raises: Red / Black Rainstorm warning.
Typhoon No. 8 Signal or Pollution Level (Air Visual App-PM2.5/ 200+/Purple)


Otherwise parents should assume that training will proceed.

If a lesson is on as scheduled, regardless of the weather conditions, if you choose not to attend no credit/refund will be given.

If a class is cancelled due to inclement weather (i.e. thunderstorm & lightning) we will notify 45 mins before the class start time. For pollution level we will notify 60 mins before the start of the class time. The update notification will be WHATSAPP to the class groups. Please check regularly for updates.

A cancellation due to bad weather is at the discretion of HK Dragons FC Ltd. As mentioned above, in case of cancellations, HK Dragons FC Ltd will NOT refund/credit cancelled sessions but will provide a make up class if and when possible.

Ultimately, however, parents should always use their own discretion as to whether or not they want their child to attend a training session.

Liability & Consent:

By enrolling your child with HK Dragons FC Ltd, or attending a trial class, you agree that your child will abide by the above rules and regulations.

You affirm that your child is in good physical condition to exercise. Their participation is purely voluntary. You understand that your child can stop at any time if feeling discomfort or even without any particular reason.

By taking part in any of our classes (including the trial lesson) and enrolling with HK Dragons FC Ltd the participant does so at their own risk. HK Dragons FC Ltd, its owner, employees and coaches shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever arising from personal injury or loss/damage to property.

HK Dragons FC Ltd may use photos or videos taken during sports classes for use in promotional materials and our website. These photos or videos will not be passed onto any third parties. Please contact us if you do not want your child in any of these photos.