The ‘Phoenix’ sessions are high intensity, dynamic, skill based designed to enhance and develop a players technical ability and mental approach to the game.

The program has been designed to improve and develop:

Individual ball mechanics and skills by maximising player touches

Game realistic passing and first touch scenarios

Multi-surface ball control and technique

Players agility, balance and co-ordination

Speed and dynamic movement

Enhanced decision making

Players self-confidence and attitude

Team work and leadership

The ‘Phoenix ‘ sessions can be enjoyed by players of all ages and sizes. Our structured curriculum will enhance both players’ individual technique and team play and will allow players to perform and play with confidence. Our individually tailored sessions allowed players to learn and develop at their own pace and achieve success with dedication, repetition, game realism and most importantly enjoyment. These sessions are designed to run alongside and supplement HK Dragons regular weekly sessions.

Come and play the ‘Phoenix‘ way.