Player Levels

HKD specializes in teaching and promoting the game of basketball at the youth and high school levels. Our programs include after school activities and small group training. Each one of our programs is designed with one aim in mind: to equip our players with the skills and the knowledge to become the best basketball players and young people they can possibly be.

Fundamental Focus

The primary focus of all of our programs is the teaching the proper fundamentals of the game of basketball. Fundamentals are the foundation of a successful basketball player on any level.

Success on the basketball court is based on knowing and executing the proper fundamentals in game situations. At HK Dragons we believe in carefully teaching the proper fundamentals of shooting, passing, ball handling, and footwork, and then consistently reinforcing these fundamentals with hours of practice and repetition through specifically designed drills.

Aspirations and Fun

Whether your child is a serious player with aspirations of playing at the highest levels, or a student who enjoys playing the game merely as a hobby or for fun, we guarantee your child will see an improvement in their basketball skill level, athleticism, and confidence.

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By TransferPlease settle payment by making a direct deposit: HK Dragons FC Ltd –  HSBC – 571-148634-838

Note: Once payment is complete please send a copy of the receipt to the office – / or it will be classed as a donation. During the payment process please enter your child’s full name in the ‘notes’ section of the payment form.

Cheque: Make cheques payable to ‘HK Dragons FC Ltd’.  Make sure you fill out your cheques correctly as your bank will have charges for returned cheques.