While striker Moussa Dembele draws up a hat-trick, “Rangers” in the old firm derby and scored “Manchester City” in the Champions League, in the youth teams “Celtic” grows another Dembele – Karamoko.

Forward Karamoko Dembele, who is only 13 years old, continues to blow open spaces of the Internet.

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Miniature Ivorian playmaker only 13, and he recently made his debut for the U-20 team, playing with the children, many of which are older than 7 years. It is symbolic that Karamoko replaced Jack Eytchinsona, who last season became the youngest player to score for the “Celtic”, breaking the record of 108 years ago.Dembele’s talent manifested itself at the summer tournament, where he was playing for 15-year bonds, “Celtic”, met with the young men, “West Brom”, “Deportivo”, “Lion” and “Barcelona”, and was named MVP.
Quick Dembele is often compared to Messi. The same technique is soft and shifting into the center from the right to strike from the left. It looks like he really knows how much.