Kowloon Rangers

Henderson league elite team

The Henderson league is run by the HKFA and is the only local league for HK teams where many local district and clubs play.

We formed the HKJFL 10 years ago because our kids didn’t get to play in this league and now we have managed to form a partnership with APSS and KCC to get our kids more football especially for those that need and it a crave it.
So we formed an alliance with the two other clubs and put a combined team into this league under the KCC banner as the KCC are associated with HKFA.

For this year the Kowloon Cricket Club had changed committee members and they decided that the team would be under the KCC banner and use their kits, although last year and the upcoming years the team will be called the Kowloon Rangers and will have their own identity.

To be eligible to play in the Kowloon Rangers team you must be playing regular competition matches and training for the HK Dragons preferably first teams players. If you decide not to play for the HK Dragons or train with the HK Dragons you will lose all rights to play in the Kowloon Rangers team. IF YOU DON’T TRAIN YOU DON’T PLAY!!

If you decide not play for the HK Dragons for league matches you will be forfeiting your place for the Henderson league game that day. Please be aware of this!!

Age groups are Under 13 to Under 15
The games are mostly Sunday’s and the odd Saturday’s. Matches are played all over HK on different surfaces.
Training for the u13-14’s are once a month and the u15’s train every Saturday night at Kings Park.

We have trials at the beginning of the year around August/September time. 20 players get picked.
Once picked you will need to register your child at KCC along with passport or HK I.D cards.